"Earth Cryology: XXI century” is over

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About 150 participants from all over the world came to Puschino in the end of September to take part in the International Conference "Earth Cryology: XXI century”.


Full-size natural carcass of Late Pleistocene mammoth called "Vasya"  friendly provided by theatre-museum "Ice Age" greeted guests of the Institute of Physico-chemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science RAS. Four days of scientific reports, equipment presentations, hot discussions and round tables made the week. More than 25 young scientists took part in PYRN meeting at the local pub where they could discuss scientific and career issues in informal atmosphere. After the conference participants visited country-house estate of Leo Tolstoi in Yasnaya Polyana. All of the guests noted high scientific and organizational level of the event and the quiet beauty of Puschino in autumn.

Report of Pushchino TV

Final page of the conference


Photos by Alexey Lupachev

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